Welcome one and all to the 2019 edition of incowrimo – a handwritten letter every day. The project where people from around the world join together to do one thing. Write and post at least one handwritten letter every day for the month of February.

Whether you write your postal-carrier, neighbour, relative or long-lost friend it’s all the same. You can add stickers, stamps, drawings, quotations and poems. Pens, pencils, brushes, crayons, the idea is to introduce a little creative fun into every day for at least one month per year.

Many people have returned year after year and continue to find new friends and people to write to. For some it will be their sixth time participating and for others their first. But with a fresh start with a fresh year things are equal for everyone.  Simply by sending a letter, you too can become part of the thousands of wonderful people who participate every year.

We have one goal here, to encourage an international flurry of letters round the globe during February and help to see it extend throughout the year. Together we have spanned more than fifty countries, twenty-two time zones and all seven continents. There’s even an address book  with the names of all of this years participants.

As always, quite a number of people continue to correspond for the rest of the year, not to mention people who didn’t discover the fun until mid-month or even later.

If you signed up last year and asked for your name to be included on the 2019 list, or submitted an update or correction in the interim, don’t worry, we have it. You just need to check to see that you are there and confirm the information is correct. If there’s a problem, the updates and corrections page offers you the ability to change your information.

Which brings us to the first of two very important points that need to be brought forward every year.

A great deal of time and effort goes in to personally seeing that our addresses meet the international standards that ensure fast and accurate delivery around the world. We will be posting about this over the next couple of months so you can better understand the process and ensure we have the proper information.

Two, incowrimo-2019 is not a project for submitting your name in order to receive mail. Quite simply the numbers are against it.

Reaching out and writing a letter to someone is probably the best way of receiving something through the post. You have to give a little. But many people here will tell you the responses are often surprising, wonderful and always a treat.  So once again, welcome to this quirky little corner of the universe :)

Thanks and best wishes to all.


  1. Angela Ruckman says:

    I’m quite excited to have found your site! And, I’m looking forward to February! I think I’ll go shopping today for some new stationery !

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  2. Veronica says:

    Super excited for IncoWriMo 2019! This year I think I will aim for 2 letters a day. Can’t wait to send/receive some wonderful snail mail!

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  3. blueslugbug says:

    Hi everyone, this is Janet Sherman in Aurora, Illinois USA. I’ve been hovering around this site for a few years, always wanting to join in but too chicken…this year I decided I’d take the plunge. 29 letters? Yes,,, can do that. I hope that I also receive some. My hobbies are knitting, books, working in my yard and of course writing. 63 years old

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  4. Jo Page says:

    My name is Jo Page – I live and work in Tasmania – This is my 4th year I think and love going to my mail box when I arrive home from work with great anticipation. I have INCOWRIMO friends from a couple of years back and we still correspond. Happy Writing – Have Fun

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  5. hertryk says:

    Coming to an end for another year. I have had fun, and received a total of 8 letters from people who were intrigued by my address and wished to know more. My ghast is well and truly flabbered. . Happy writing!! I have some catching up to do!!


  6. Nicholas Lee says:

    I’m trying really hard to put my name and address on your list for 2019. But I can’t seem to manage it because I don’t where to find the list. Can anyone help me?


    • Hi there Nicholas. We are in the midst of constructing the site for 2020 and close the address list every year during December while we make the changes. The changes along with the information you need to get started will be along in a couple of days. Including how to get your name on the list for 2020. Hope this helps. Cheers!


  7. schnefima says:

    Will there be a list of addresses this year, too?


      • Martin says:

        I may be blind but I can’t see how to submit my address for this year. The address book seems to be done currently?


        • you’renot blind, and we apologize for the massive inconvenience, the project will be running throughout the year this year and we welcome you back with gratitude.


      • Mitch Tucker says:

        Am I too late for this year? Keep looking and no list. I tried adding via the link under 2019 but that was about a week ago.


        • hi there Mitch, I’d be lying if I told you you were the first or even the second to ask that question. due to circumstances well beyond our control, the entire project was out of business at precisely the wrong time this year. we’re back up and looking forward to your participation and hope you find all the links working over the next several days.


      • Jo Page says:

        What happened to INCOWRIMO this year?


        • hi there Jo. it’s still here, tossed about by outrageous fortune but still here. things should be up and about shortly. thanks for asking. cheers!


          • Nicholas says:

            Looking forward to writing letters very soon. Perfect timing… incarcerated in self isolation we can reach out to one another. Wonderful.


  8. Veronica says:

    Thank you for all the effort you put into incowrimo! This will be my third year participating (I think…well, it’s been three at the very least…how long has incowrimo been going on?) and I am champing at the bit to get going. :) Not much longer to wait now! :) It’s always so much fun.


    • thanks Veronica. this will be the fifth year I believe for this site. I do apologize for the wait, but trust, like a letter in transit, you will be familiar enough with the quirks in life that make a project or letter even more exciting and worth it when it finally arrives.


  9. debbieosborn says:

    I can’t seem to access the address book!


    • sorry about that Debbie. it just wasn’t there when you went looking. this year has been full of unexpected surprises it seems. non too pleasant, but we’re busy at the moment trying to remedy that so that there is something to look forward too in the coming couple of days.


  10. Marian says:

    I can’t wait for the calendar to flip to February. I haven’t been able to access the 2020 Address Book. Am I missing something or is it still in progress?
    Thanks ~


    • hi there Marian, we couldn’t either but the swells on the sea of life seemed to express themselves with a little more force than necessary and now that the weather has calmed some, we’re hoping to make progress with some clear sailing. thanks for asking and again sorry for the delay.


  11. Barthelemy says:

    Hi there. Happy new year everyone.
    I subscribed few days ago to incowrimo. It looks really interesting and I’d be happy to write and receive letters.
    However, it is impossible to access to the address book. Even the one from 2019.
    Will it be online in few days?
    Respectfully yours.


    • unfortunately Barth, we hit some really heavy snags and it took a great deal of undoing before we have been able to respond and get the site and project back up and running. there should be some posts and information available over the next couple of days.


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