You’d be surprised at how many times we transpose a letter, miss a digit or write down the wrong code or district. Addresses are complicated and it’s important we get them right.

If you’ve signed up and are already in the incowrimo-2019 address book  and find there’s an error in your published address   ..or maybe you just moved  ..this is the place to easily fix it. Fill in the correct or updated information and we can happily do something about it.

If you want to participate in this years event, you can write to anyone on this years list or someone you already know.

Just keep in mind that when it comes to format. We’ve taken great pains to insure your address meets international postal standards so mail can reach you accurately and quickly from anywhere in the world.





  1. SARAH ADCOCK says:

    Really looking forward to February


  2. I hope I’m not too late to correct format of my address.
    I submitted the form for correction only today, January 19.
    Fingers crossed that it gets updated. Thank you for managing this.
    Madeline Slovenz
    Chicago, IL


  3. Postcode change – Thanks -Looking forward to an exiting Feb -Happy Writing everyone


  4. Jenn says:

    Hiya! I submitted a correction. It looks like my box number is showing on top of the street address.

    Thank ya in advance for all the work you have done for us all!

    Jenn Lost And Found


    • Thanks Jenn, we’re continually working hard to deal with the various ways addresses are submitted. Mostly getting them to adhere to both National and International standards. It’s a pretty complex and daunting task given the number of countries, standards, and languages we’re dealing with. This is the first year we have focused on American Addresses and are smack in the middle of cleaning them up. As for your address, the USPS Publication 28 – Postal Addressing Standards / Section 213 “Secondary Address Unit Designators” is pretty specific in section 213.3 “Alternate Location”

      “Unit designator above the delivery address line.”

      “If all Delivery Address Line information cannot be continued in the Delivery Address Line above the city, state, and ZIP Code, place secondary address information on the line immediately above the Delivery Address Line.”

      It’s not that we are prigs about the standards, the USPS handles over 5,000 pieces of mail per SECOND and everything that we can do to make limit the errors and get the mail to you as quickly and accurately as possible is important. Thanks for your understanding we appreciate the comments and questions :)


  5. Stompee Pendleton says:

    I’m in the list twice. I’m afraid if I fill out a form, I’ll be in there a 3rd time. I’m listed as Angela Pendleton and as Stompee Pendleton. Can you just take out Angela Pendleton?


    • Done. As you might understand, we often have had partners at the same address both register and can’t just assume that one of them doesn’t count. Thanks for letting us know,we’re happy to have it cleared up


  6. Jo Bracci says:

    Greetings from the UK! I notice that none of the UK addresses in the Address Book contain the County (State). Mine for example should show ‘Essex’ after ‘Hockley’ (my town) and despite correcting my address details, it still doesn’t appear? Just thought I’d mention it.


    • Hi there Jo, good point. According to the Royal Mail technical bulletin on addressing standards, 2nd of January 2018:

      “In order for Royal Mail to process and deliver to expected time frames …you must include;
      • 1 premise element
      • 1 thoroughfare element
      • 1 locality element
      • the postcode as a minimum

      Premise elements:
      Building name
      Building number

      Thoroughfare elements:
      Dependent thoroughfare

      Locality elements:
      Double dependent locality
      Dependent locality
      Post Town

      Postcode: Postcode
      Address layout:
      – each address element must be on a separate line of the address with the
      postcode included as the last line of the address The only exception to
      this is outlined in section three, Locality elements

      – the county, although not required, may be included as the penultimate
      line of the address ”

      The key point in meeting addressing standards is to reduce the chance of error (in high speed optical character recognition) in order to ensure timely and accurate delivery. Each time a character is introduced that is non-essential, the chance of error does increase. For this reason we have chosen not to include the county designation as part of the addresses. The postal code and dependant locality eliminate the necessity of it appearing. Hope this helps explain why they are not there.


  7. Aileen Chai says:

    Sorry, I missed out one line of my address and only realized that immediately after I had submitted it. I’ve submitted the correction already :) Thank you.


  8. Jenn says:

    Whoops! Sorry about that! Thanks for all you have done to put this together. I learned something new today! 😊😊


  9. ltpatridge says:

    Hello! I’d love to participate, but I am uncomfortable having a publicly listed address. Is it okay if I just send different people letters? They can write me back or not, as it seems best to them —


    • Did you know that Nora Roberts wrote over 100 books as J.D. Robb? Barbara Vine is really Ruth Rendell and Dean Koontz has written as Aaron Wolfe – Anthony North – Brian Coffey – David Axton – John Hill – K.R,Dwyer – Leigh Nichols – Owen West and Richard Page? Having a ‘Pen name’ has a long tradition and there are many sites devoted to how to choose one and why you might want to. That being said ..we’re not here to twist your arm but in case you hadn’t thought of it, just to remind you pen-names or using a PO Box are often good solutions. Your proposal to write fits the bill in sending out 28 missives to brighten somebody’s day during the month of February. Hope this helps :)


  10. Hi! Please include my province in the address. Thanks so much!


  11. Ann says:

    Hello! I’d like to change some details to my address and name. I’ve submitted the changes in the submission above.


    • I’m pretty sure you’re good to go. It can be 12 hours or so before your information is posted although we normally are much quicker than that. You should check the address yourself and resubmit the changes here if necessary. cheers!


  12. im1luckywoman says:

    @InCoWriMo Noticed a discrepancy in the address list. One of the comments I’ve “liked” is from Jessica Lee Gilbert. In your address book, she is Jessica Lee Gilber (Probably wouldn’t make a difference but…accuracy and all that. ;) )


  13. Ann says:

    Hi. I submitted some changes I wanted several days ago but they were not made. I’ve submitted the details again. Please tell me if there is an issue as I’d really like these changes to be made, otherwise I’d would much rather be removed from the address book completely. Thanks. Ann


  14. Alejandra Castaño says:

    Hello! My name and address are in here twice. One is my old UK address and the other a Houston Texas one. Only the Texas one is valid. Could you please remove the UK one? Thank you!


  15. Thank you for managing this terrific project that encourages handwritten letters! This is my first year signing up. I’ve entered my address twice and refreshed the website, but still don’t see my address showing up on the list. Can you please let me know how long it takes to appear on the list? Just want to make sure it shows up before today’s deadline. Thank you!


  16. Angela Cracchiolo says:

    I’ve been looking up cities, states, countries of participants, to get ideas and I’ve come across one that I think the state is incorrect. Jacqueline S. Bakes state should be WI (Wisconsin) not WA (Washington). Thanks :)

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Sam says:

    Submitted my private address accidentally (knee-jerk thing), then immediately resubmitted a correction with P O Box address. Hope the right one gets posted! I appreciate all your hard work on this!


  18. Hannah Kilgore says:

    I submitted a correction recently. My address was only showing N instead of TN. Sorry for the trouble!


  19. Kathryn Siegner says:

    I just submitted an address change, but it’s also a name change as well. I included my maiden name in the form. No worries if my mail still goes to the old address and name, I can still collect it there.


  20. Laura Estapé says:

    Hey! I just checked the revision for my address and saw that there are still an error.


  21. Hi,

    I received mail for someone else last week. :( I checked the list and Thomas Blanchard is listed twice. I assume the first one is his correct address, the second one (Fredericton, NB Canada) is mine. Thanks and I hope you’re all receiving piles and piles of awesome letters this month!!


  22. Vicky Prior says:

    I originally said to leave my address up once February was over but have now changed my mind and would like it deleted. How would I go about that?


    • Good point, thanks for letting us know. The easiest way is to treat it as an update or correction… you can go to the page linked below and enter your name (and maybe city/country) and on one of the address lines print something like – please remove my address for the rest of the year/ permanentlyor whatever it is you wish and then tick the appropriate boxes at the bottom so we get the right info. Hope this helps.


  23. alc3261 says:

    A letter I sent to Maik Joosten in Berlin has been returned “Empfanger/firma unter der angegebenen Anschrift nicht zu ermitteln” which I gather is Not Known at this Address?


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