We believe that keeping in touch is kind of important. And that’s why we’re moving our comments section here to it’s very own page.

Years past have proved that a good comment section provides timely general information in addition to letting other people know you’re here. Believe it or not for more than a year, incowrimo pretty much functioned from a comment section alone.

Keep in mind it’s our firm belief that if you have something to say to someone    ..send them a letter.

Few things in life are as satisfying as opening your post box to find someone has sent you a letter sharing their ideas and thoughts. And just as nice is the opportunity to write them back.


  1. Len Flores says:

    I received two letters yesterday and will get to replying them soon. Thank you so much for putting in the effort and time to write to someone in the Philippines 😊 I’ve sent out my replies to most of the letters I received earlier. For those I haven’t replied to, rest assured you will get one 😊 – Len Flores


  2. im1luckywoman says:

    I’m still receiving letters! Rest assured, if you’ve written me (Rebecca Carrillo), you WILL get one in response. I’m just a little behind. Thank you so much to everyone who has written. :)


  3. Brian Sallows says:

    I can’t find where I wrote a few notes about myself, last year. Were the notes deleted when the clock struck midnight at the beginning of this year ?


  4. Len Flores says:

    Hi, everyone! I know February is over, but I would still like to continue writing letters. It’s wonderful receiving letters from all over the world and equally pleasurable to write letters to people. I have sent out most of my replies already. I have scrolled down and saw more interesting people to write to so I’ll be working on some letters this week.

    If anyone still wants to continue and write to someone in the Philippines who’s interested in reading books (Stephen King fan, love mysteries and thrillers, literary fiction), Star Wars, creative journaling, vintage stuff, stationery 💕, Japanese culture, postcards, post stamps, wax seal stamps, notebooks, and fountain pens, you can write to me at Len Flores

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  5. hertryk says:

    To all those who have written to me – Jo in Tasmania – I promise I will reply …I am a little behind but not much ..Many thanks for your correspondence it has been thrilling to hear from you.

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  6. Hi everyone, I am still working my way thru replies and notes I was sent. If you wrote to me you will get a reply soon. I thoroughly enjoyed this event. I will continue to write thru out the year as well. If anyone wants to correspond send me a note to Sandra Daniels.

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  7. I am enjoying receiving letters….new and in response to some of mine! I recently received one from Helen Sim from Hong Kong China but do not find this name on the list. The address on the envelope appears incomplete. I am mailing a letter back to her and hope that what I could decipher on the envelope will help this letter to find her! If you read this Helen, please let me know if you got my letter and this message. I love sharing letters around the world. Barbara Budan from SC

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  8. zjmissive says:

    As the days grow colder, there is more scribbling to be done. If anyone needs motivation to get back into the swing, there are three books that I know of that have collections of letters from notable people. Link in my handle name. Happy scribbling!


  9. Marilyn Darling says:

    I’m wondering when the list will be published it seems to have been down for quite sometime now . Is everything all right i wonder?


    • thankyou Marilyn. it was a difficult and challenging time but things have stabilized a great deal, with a place to work and a computer to work with I’m hoping it will rapidly improve

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  10. Richard Baksa says:

    When i click on the ‘address book’ link I get a message that says ‘page not found”.


    • sorry about that Richard. without being mean, it was probably the most accurate information on the internet when you got that message. that being said, there should be something for you to look at and a working link in the next couple of days. cheers

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  11. Dani Foxx says:

    Im so excited for another year of InCoWriMo!
    About me:
    I love all things dark, macabre, and botanical- perfect for the cloudy gray of the Pacific Northwest. I am an avid artist and corvid fan!


  12. Bonnie Jean says:

    I found several names that were linked together from different places… Marie Balzar from Australia and Marcia Bankirer from San Jose, CA… Suzie from the UK and Marie Svensson from Sweden, … Marieke Wigne-Slop from Austria and Diane Wilcox, from Walnut Creek, CA Those are the only ones I saw. I looked for uniform addresses or duplicates and in foreign countries they have a different order than in the USA so I looked for a familiar set up. Hopefully this helps.


  13. bushchookiehotmail says:

    I’d be happy to help out with the address list next year. As our surname is Wells and our property name is Windara, I’ll nominate too help with W-Z. My health has been a bit off the last twelve months ago I would possibly need an offsider.
    I have not had any success finding the 2020 list. I receive regular emails so must be signed up somewhere. I’m still looking.
    I took care of my INCOWRIMO 2020 commitments by sending postcards too friends I don’t write to often. I had planned US states but will do that one next year. It was important to me to participate as this is my third year.
    I track my mail in my journal and am still writing to 2019 correspondents.
    All the best
    Toni Wells Australia


  14. Kyla says:

    I enjoyed participating in this and then my life swept me away from being able to take the time for letters! and I moved. Have updated my address and looking for a place to put a bit of info about me for anyone interested… I appreciate the spirit of this project very much. Blessings to all!


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