Address Book



In light of all the things going on at the moment, the most simple and effective start seems to be to restore the address book available at the close of 2019. This list contains  individuals who expressed an interest in continuing to write throughout the year.

It is less than a perfect solution but we are willing to recognize and accept that doing something badly until we can do better is often better than doing nothing at all.

That being said. We are in the process of compiling all of the address changes and updates and producing an up to date and as accurate a list as possible. To be posted as soon as possible.

A great deal of effort will go into finding ways to make this process flow more smoothly by spreading the work amongst people involved in this project. At the moment there is nothing specific. As it becomes apparent where the most effective and timely help can benefit compiling this list, we will certainly be reaching out in the next couple of days.

We also recognize the anxiousness that many people have about being missed, overlooked or otherwise not included. To that end, there is already a considerable backlog of updates and corrections to be dealt with and we would ask that you wait until the end of the week and an updated list to let us know about any corrections. This will save a great deal of time trying to compare, confirm and prepare duplicate entries.

Everyone’s dedication and patience has been phenomenal and we hope to be running smoothly in short order.

Thanks again to all, each and every on of you are the reason this has become such an extraordinary endeavour.








  1. Stephanie Van Parys says:

    Is there a way the addresses could be exported to a Google sheet and everyone is in charge of updating his/her/their own address?


    • thanks Stephanie, we’re working on it at the moment. Or basic motto is to keep it as close to a rolodex file as possible. we’re working on the actual technicalities as you read this.


  2. Gertie says:

    I’m looking forward to this and wish you well in this endeavor. I don’t know if my name was there for 2019, but will wait to see once you’ve had time to pull it all together before I reach out. I do hope you are well and staying safe during this precarious time in our world.


    • thank you very much Gertie. it’s taking shape rather quickly and appreciate your waiting a little bit. I am well and happy once again to be able to work on this extraordinary and much needed project.


  3. Melissa says:

    I very much appreciate you doing this! If I can help you out in any way, I’d be happy to! I have a six week (potentially longer) hiatus from school. I’ve got the time!


  4. pattennant68 says:

    Thank you for bringing incowrimo back to life


  5. whiz3 says:

    Bravo! Thank you for persevering.


  6. Mia says:

    Great to read this. Please let me know if I can help with proof-reading the addresses.


  7. olettera says:

    I noticed something, a 6 digit # above the name Carole Anderson. I think it may be part of the entry above hers – Anastasia, from the Russian Federation. Hope this makes sense :)


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