Handwritten technology.

Handwritten correspondence is a deep and valuable part of our human heritage. Most of all it does what it does, exceptionally well. The reason being that outside the delivery system, the entire process is completely in the hands of the persons corresponding. The second part is that a letter is the product of an integrated process of body, mind and soul of no one else except the two writers. All the subtle distinctions of expression, color, texture, form, materials, infirmity, passions, abilities, acts of ignorance, acts of caring; all the happen when we take our hearts and mind and pick up a piece of paper to try and communicate with another human just like ourselves.

The process is visceral, very little of it is abstract and the parts that are, are equally mediated by our own thoughts, feelings, judgment, limits and needs.

Electronic communication offers none of that whatsoever. It is designed primarily to transfer the vast amounts of informational data points necessary to exert and maintain control over the immense wealth, power, violence and control necessary to rule empires.

This has always entailed the specific goal of intimidating, and eradicating any legitimate competing options.

I can say this simply from the experience of trying to manage this site and write this on my phone.

Over the past four or five days I have lost both my home and place in it. Figuratively and literally.

And while there has been no physical damage, technology is always about permissions and access. To terminals, connections, accounts, storage, bandwidth, carriers, politics, and a myriad of other mediating factors not designed with facilitating individual and very real human interaction.

Things happen in life. Suddenly finding yourself homeless and living from a suitcase. Death, illness, injury, loss, grief, devastation, fear, confusion.. All things that have been with us for 35,000 years. Things that humans know how to heal.

We have an extensive ability to heal and look after one another and it starts with our feelings and heart.

It is in reaching out to one another in fear, hope and above all in goodwill that we start to build connections give us the strength, community and protection we have always needed and used to help one another.

Handwritten correspondence has served us exceptionally well since the dawn of history. And now we are being asked to throw it away and lose it in exchange for an inhuman technology that has no interest in us as humans in any form other than a resource. Most damaging being that if we would like to express ourselves in truly human terms we must somehow debase and adapt them to technical processes with specific requirements designed to strip us of our human identities and stories. The two things that might save us as we move into these dangerous times.

I try to stay away from this end of the story in order to concentrate on our many gifts and talents. The ones that sustain, nurture and help us to heal and grow. For me, this is what underpins my dedication to this project.

It is not that I don’t care, am indifferent, or have lost interest in the project. The reality of trying to manage incowrimo-2020 with a cellphone is non existant. And the solution to this will be occupying the next day or too.

And for those who may be concerned. The data, the ‘information,’ everyone’s contribution.. It is stored independently off-site in isolated and heavily encrypted storage. It’s safe and it will remain there until a solution is found.

I appreciate everyone’s patience there is no reason for this project to disappear.




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