mailbag misfortune

Due to a set of unfortunate, unforseen events over the holiday season, there has been a delay in releasing the normal January site update. It is hoped that it should be rectified over the weekend.


  1. Sylvia Lowder says:

    Looking forward to participating again in the February letter a day. Have a new address though. Please keep me updated! Thanks!
    Sylvia Lowder, NC, USA


    • thank you Sylvia, I know this reply is longer than most typhoon, snowstorm, misdirected and lost letters go through, but we’ll get your address up and running


  2. Louise Shaw says:

    Thank you! Sending hopeful thoughts of restoration in any and all senses of the word needed! Louise


  3. Sabine. says:

    I, I’m new here. Happy New Year to you ! Best wishes for you and your beautyfull project. I would like to write letters in february. But my English is not very good…And I can’t find the 2020 list. Could you help me ? Thanks a lot. Sabine, from Paris, France.


    • merci Sabine. plusieurs difficultés nous ont empêché de publier une liste en février. nous nous excusons et vous devriez voir quelque chose au cours des prochains jours.


  4. JCairns says:

    Hope all is better now.


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