Just 5 more days until all the remaining names come down from the 2019 year and we begin in earnest for incowrimo-2020.

We’ve thrown open the curtains and shutters, pulled the drapes off the old furniture and opened both the front door and the back to let some crisp fall air blow through the project and carry any dust and mites out into the yard.

Once the weather dips regularly below zero and the quilts and comforters have been out several times to freeze in the morning sunshine on the balcony rail, the sun reaching it’s low point on the horizon, dip, turn, and start moving northward again; it’s time to take out the pens, cleaning nibs and crusty old inkpots, organize the fineliners and put a new purple ribbon in the typewriter because before long you’ll be writing a handwritten missive to someone somewhere around the world every day for a month in incowrimo-2020.

As in the past years, all addresses will be removed from our 2019 address book at the end of this month and we will begin the preparations in earnest to get ready for February 01, 2020 and another year of writing letters.



  1. Toni Wells says:

    Thanks for all the effort that must go into organising and maintaining the address list for INCOWRIMO.
    I’m still exchanging letters with some 2019 participants and enjoy getting to know more about their world.
    Looking forward to February 2020. I already have my journal layout planned and have worked out how to choose my 2020 recipients.
    Cheers Toni Wells

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  2. Yeah. I cannot wait for the 2020 incowrimo to start to make some new friends. Already decided on my February theme in my Bullet Journal…

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  3. Matthew Freeman says:


    I’m excited about another year of INCOWRIMO. This year I thought I’d add my name to the list.

    How do we do this? Thanks

    Kind regards Matt Freeman

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  4. hertryk says:

    I chose for my address to be automatically included in the next list but I have moved anyway
    So shall I show my new address now?


  5. charrockstar says:

    How can i make sure my address is listed this year? Last year I didn’t make it into the address book

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    • the join page is up for a limited time. the chances are that we have your address and that it will be posted this year. Once all the addresses are posted in mid January, you can check that yours is there and update or correct any information. Hope this helps. We’ll make sure you get on the list. Cheers

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  6. Hi, How do I go about getting my address on the next address book please so that I can be involved in this years’s letter writing. Thanks

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  7. Mia says:

    I look forward to Incowrimo-2020!

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  8. Angela says:

    This is very exciting, AND I already have a purple ribbon in one of my typewriters, ha!

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  9. Elena says:

    I am looking forward to February, too :-)

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  10. Shivani Singh says:

    Am looking forward to participating in 2020. Is it possible to have a random name generator to pick who to write to?


    • Welcome! It is, we don’t have one but it is possible. Half the fun sometimes is getting ready. See if you can come up with a random generator that works for you. Personally I know one individual who slowly scrolls down a list while he looks out the window. When two cars go by he marks the list, when three cars go by he marks it another time. The possibilities are not only endless but fun. Cheers!


  11. I am super excited about writing again in 2020. :-) Yay!!!

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  12. Excited to start writing, have all my supplies ready. Yay!!!!

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  13. Erin Grant says:

    I am so in this year….my first. :)


  14. nedraf says:

    Hmm and GM! Posts in this section have alluring references to the “join” page for 2020. The dates have moved forward, but I am guessing that the sheer number of participants, or some less interesting glitch, has stalled the process. This will be my first time, and I am eager to add my name and explore those from many countries.
    Perhaps I have missed the current update or have not discovered the “join” area?
    Thank you for updating and informing a newbie!


    • hi there. the has been in fact a massive and greatly less than interesting glitch. you haven’t missed anything and we hope to be up and running shortly and wish to welcome you, if even belatedly, aboard.


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