There is winter and there is summer. Two extremes joined together on one side with a season of ripened bounty and harvest. The gathering up and storing of life’s wealth to nurture and care for us through the cold and hostile world of darkness. The one we see so often as an end.

But today that changes. This is the day we place our last coin of riches on the thread of life. We mark the point where the present and the troubled past are laid to rest and we turn to face the year ahead.

We gift the world the meager remains of what we have and honour the coming warmth that will return it to us multiplied many times.



  1. Madalina Preda says:

    Brâncuși, Dragobete and now Mărțișor, I am so impressed and honored of you promoting the Romanian values and traditions.

    Thank you so much!

    Merry spring from sunny Romania!


    • From knowledge of the Starčevo, Hamangia, Cucuteni, Getae, Thracians, Dacians.. there is much to be honored and shared.

      Together we join back with one unbroken umbilical cord to the Grotta del Cavallo, Peștera cu Oase, Kent Caves, Göbekli Tepe, Madjedbebe, Altamira, Katawhang Lumad, Khoi-San, Omo Kibish, who all created the songlines and dreaming tracks that allow us to navigate and understand and thrive in this world.

      From these ancestors we learned to write some 8,000 years ago. Our bodies – the moon – the sun – the seasons – mountain, water, sky, and wind – are very much the same to us as they were to those ancestors who gave us clues to understand what they had found.

      Like everyone involved in this project, sharing the stories and thoughts that give them strength, curiosity, courage and compassion to face the world.

      It’s not just Romanian values we find, they are deep and profound human values we all share. We forget so easily the sources from which they come.

      Thanks, and keep an eye out for the upcoming posts.

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  2. Madalina Preda says:

    Your words and thoughts are so, so true. I am happy to be part of this project. Chapeau to you!

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  3. scribemaid says:

    How enchanting!


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