why would you write a letter?

People do often ask  ..and thankfully Amanda Yu has some answers.


  1. Inez Martin says:

    Amanda Yu, thanks for your beautiful arguments for handwriting and communication by handwritten letters.
    Its so clear. This year I start with InCoWriMo, and I am looking forward.
    Au revoir!
    Inez Martin

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  2. Catholic Bibliophagist says:

    Handwritten letters are tangible mementos of the past. Back in the mid-seventies, my future husband and I conducted much of our courtship by letter because the distance between us only allowed us to see each other on weekends — and not every weekend either. As a widow since 2006, I am glad to have saved the correspondence between us.

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  3. Ms. Yu, thank you for recording this special message. I was sitting on the fence about joining the challenge, but you have sealed the deal. Thank you for such thoughtful and eloquent words.

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  4. hertryk says:

    In this era of instantaneous communication, a handwritten letter is a rare and wonderous item. There are those amongst us, however, who dedicate some out our time to preserving this art form. Neither long queues, late deliveries, or increasing postal rates, will deter us from our mission. We will continue to carryon the glorious cultural tradition of letter writing, often with a fountain pen…….


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