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Handwritten technology.


Handwritten correspondence is a deep and valuable part of our human heritage. Most of all it does what it does, exceptionally well. The reason being that outside the delivery system, the entire process is completely in the hands of the persons corresponding. The second part is that a letter is the product of an integrated […]

mailbag misfortune


Due to a set of unfortunate, unforseen events over the holiday season, there has been a delay in releasing the normal January site update. It is hoped that it should be rectified over the weekend.

incowrimo-2020 update


Amongst many of the other details that have emerged over the past two weeks as the work gets underway for the upcoming new year and re-opening of the site for 2020; is that it will be my final year undertaking this project. The combination of a recebt fall which broke a collarbone several days ago, […]




Just 5 more days until all the remaining names come down from the 2019 year and we begin in earnest for incowrimo-2020. We’ve thrown open the curtains and shutters, pulled the drapes off the old furniture and opened both the front door and the back to let some crisp fall air blow through the project […]

the dog days of summer

the dog days of summer


So now that the sun has crossed it’s northern zenith and has headed once again towards the equator and farther south; it’s time to walk back into our archives, pull out the records, correspondence, charts and binders to organize a little and clean up as we push into the dog days of summer. Mostly a […]

“Croí na Teanga – It’s You!”

“Croí na Teanga – It’s You!”


From a land immersed in storytelling and as green as spring itself , we’re all encouraged to reach down and tend our delicate roots so that they may hold firm in the year ahead.